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Wind Companion Web Design integrates the WordPress content management system into every new website we create. This gives our clients access to all the tools of the world’s most popular CMS.

Content Management

Want to add a new page to your website, write a new product review, add a another image to your home page slideshow? All these are basic functions built into a WordPress website.  Create, maintain, organize and categorize all your web content in one location that can be accessed from any computer — even from your mobile device.


But simply adding new content is just the beginning. WordPress greatly expands the ability of your website to interact with your visitors and customers. This interaction transforms your website from a static, online brochure into a place to communicate and converse with your visitors. Questions and comments can be posted on your pages and your replies create an open dialog with the people you are trying to reach. Questionnaires and polls can be added to help you understand what your visitors are interested in. Visitors can sign up and register with your site to receive news updates. And all this communication and feedback can be maintained and managed from the administration area of your website.


The administration panel is accessed through a login form.  Once securely logged in, this area allows you to take complete control of your website — all content, plugins and extension modules, backups, even core theme files are accessible and editable.  Primarily, clients make use of the page and post editor screen where text and images can be added and formatted using a powerful wysiwyg editor.  WordPress also comes with a recently updated media area for easily uploading new images, videos and pdf documents.


WordPress is not the only content management system out there.  Joomla, Drupal and Umbraco are some of the other popular CMS’s available.  There are dozens of others and some web design companies even create their own custom CMS.  Wind Companion Web Design has chosen WordPress for three key reasons:

  1. Ease of use.  WordPress is the simplest to use while being powerful and extensible enough to fulfill the needs of most clients.
  2. Large community.  WordPress is behind over 5 million websites and the availability of free and premium themes, plugins and tutorials cannot be matched.
  3. Open source.  WordPress is free to download and is written in PHP.  That means any good developer can understand how your website works and how to maintain it which means you are not obligated to come to us when you need help — but we hope you do!

If you have questions regarding WordPress or would like to discuss having a custom WordPress website designed for you, leave us a comment below or Contact us today!