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We design and develop attractive, easy to navigate websites using the latest web technologies to get the job done right.  Starting with the popular WordPress content management system as a foundation, we customize each website to suit our client’s needs.

Dynamic, responsive website designs that look great on your mobile, tablet or desktop, designed using the latest Adobe software for pixel perfect presentation, built on HTML5 and CSS3 – these are the elements that are included in each of our websites.

Take a look at the recent projects we’ve completed, read about the services we offer, then contact us for a free quote on your web project.

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Recent Projects

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Website design is what visitors see and how they interact with your web content. A smart, modern, easy to navigate design will call the right kind of attention to your brand and provide your visitors with an enjoyable web experience. The value of a professional, well-thought-out design cannot be underestimated.

Our designs start with you. What are you trying to promote? Do you want a blog site for posting articles and accepting visitor comments? Perhaps an image gallery to show off your photography? Maybe a professional site that will inform customers of your company’s products and services? Knowing the goals of your website is the first step.

The next step is deciding on the look of your website – color schemes, typography choices, logo design and page layout. Perhaps you have made these choices already or have seen some existing website designs that appeal to you. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch. Wind Companion Web Design will work with you to create an attractive, custom design that you (and we) can be proud to launch.

Wind Companion Web Design uses the latest Adobe software for our designs and graphic manipulation. After a full (and free) consultation about your design requirements, we will send a mock-up of the design for your approval. Only after you are completely satisfied with the design will we begin development.


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Website Development is closely related to website design, but is focused more on the functionality of the website. This is where web coding and programming come into play. Here, we use the latest web standard HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP to make your website come alive!

Elements such as drop down navigation menus, slideshows, contact and comment forms are custom coded and handcrafted to work seamlessly with your design.

Our website development begins with a custom theme built on the WordPress content management system (CMS). This theme ties the design elements of your website into the functionality of WordPress along with custom programming, allowing your site content to be displayed how, where and when you want it.

Proper development also ensures your site looks and functions perfectly across all modern browsers, from Internet Explorer to Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Websites can also be developed to be responsive, meaning the layout will expand or contract depending on the device it’s being viewed on – from smart phones to large screen desktops. (This website is an example of a responsive design. If you’re viewing it on a laptop or desktop computer, resize the browser window to see the responsive effect in action.)

Apart from responsive website designs, dedicated mobile websites can also be developed that run along side your desktop site, using similar design elements to provide your visitors with a familiar interface. Dedicated mobile sites are designed and developed specifically to be lightweight, fast loading and formatted for smaller screens.

The website developers at Wind Companion Web Design have the technical know-how and experience to turn all your design ideas into reality.


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All websites require at least periodic maintenance. Internet and web browser technology is constantly changing and evolving – usually for the better. These changes can affect the way your website looks and performs for your visitors. Keeping your website up to date not only ensures proper functionality but also encourages repeat visits by demonstrating to the public that you are committed to providing the best visitor experience.

Updating the content of your web pages is also important and, depending on the type of site, may require more frequent maintenance. Keeping your website content fresh and current is critical for letting your visitors know what’s new as well as improving your site’s visibility on search engines.

Wind Companion Web Design integrates the popular WordPress content management system (CMS) into our website designs. This enables each client to change, update and create new web pages, articles and image galleries. These updates keep your visitors engaged and coming back for more. New content also attracts search engines and improves website SEO rankings.

But some clients prefer to leave these updates and additions to the professionals — ensuring each update is well placed, fits nicely into the existing site design and is SEO optimized. Wind Companion Web Design is just a phone call or email away and will rapidly integrate any changes or additions your site requires.

From simple page content updates to on-going site maintenance, Wind Companion Web Design can be your partner in maintaining a fresh and dynamic internet presence.


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